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Don was a good ham radio operator.  He was dedicated to trying to help others using his skills as an operator and storm spotter.  He was a leader of MCARS, ARG and Skywarn at different times in his time.  No one would know the many time he helped out by just his presense as he always showed up. 



Bob was more than just a coworker in ham radio and weather spotting, the was a real friend. You could sit and talk to him about most anything and enjoy the conversation. He had expertise in many fields that helped in the relationship he had with ham radio and the emergency work that he did. He had enough sense to go into a storm shelter when he needed to which many of us don't. He thoroughly enjoyed working with the MCARS Unit, ARG, and with all the other hams. He believed in what he did. The only time I ever saw him upset is when we became individuals instead of a team. I only knew Bob a few short years but he always had a good heart and would do what ever he could to help. I believe if his life had been extended a little longer, he would had figured out a way to bring everyone together again. I ask all ham operators all across the county to put feelings aside and as you read this, pause for a moment and remember Bob and Ann in your prayers. This is one thing we can all do together. I'm sure because many of you knew Bob a lot longer than I that you have your own thoughts and stories about Bob.



Glenn Abercrombie passed Sept. 20, 2005. He was another volunteer who gave so much of his time for the service of the citizens of Marshall county. We are grateful for his service. He is another fine example of the quality of people that live here in Marshall County. We can only hope that these two men are watching us from above with an approving eye as we carry on their legacy.